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Triple Jump Phase Distributions: Hop Dominated, Jump Dominated, Equidistant?

First of all, stay safe, disinfect surfaces around you at home and at work, wash hands for at least 20 seconds and be sure to cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.

This is always a debated topic as it boils down to what style suits the triple jumper and their rhythm. It is asserted that the optimum percentage for each of the phases is 35% for the Hop, 30% for the Step and 35% for the jump. However, from the “old school” of triple jumping, there was the “Polish” method of triple jumping which was fairly well balanced at 35% for the Hop, 29% for the Step and 36% for the Jump. Pretty close to the optimum percentages. However, this method favors the jumpers who are jump dominated. Conversely, in the “old school” of triple jumping there was also the “Russian” method of triple jumping which the jumper employed a Hop of 39%, a Step of 30% and a Jump of 31%. So it was a hop dominated style, Both styles were and are effective. There was one jumper in the eighties who hit a very blended triple jump of a Hop of 34%, Step of 32% and a Jump of 34% on a jump that was over 57 feet/17.43 meters.

Interesting to note: Jonathan Edwards world record jump of 60′ 1/4″/18.29 was a Hop of 33%. the Step of 29% and a jump of 38%, showing how great his speed down the runway was and the fact he was able to carry that much speed through all of the phases into the sandpit and showing he employed the jump dominated type of triple jumper. However, prior to him jumping the world record, he did achieve a distance albeit wind-aided of 60′-5 3/4/18.43. His phases on that jump were a Hop of 35%, a Step of 30% and a Jump of 34%, which is almost back to the perceived 35%-30%-35% optimal for a triple jumper.

So all different levels of triple jumpers will display a variety of phase percentages when triple jumping. A jumper shouldn’t worry about each of the phases so much as executing each phase as well as they can by staying on balance, using their rhythm to jump as far as possible.

Michael G. Helps You Train For The Triple Jump

Mike coaches high school, collegiate, open and Masters’s triple jumpers. His jumpers have won numerous individual titles over a span of thirty-plus years. He has coached over fifty athletes in the jumps and sprints to All-American status throughout his coaching career. Mike was inducted into the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges (NWAACC) Hall of Fame for track and field in 2011. Some of Mike’s former athletes are now successful coaches at the high school and collegiate levels.

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