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For WIX related questions and account information, please refer to

Where can I find videos I have purchased?

PLEASE NOTE: This website sells access to videos which are delivered digitally. No physical media will be shipped.

On successful sign in, proceed to the video library on the video courses page. After purchase, you can watch streaming workout videos on your account.

Video viewing experience

Our fitness videos on are best viewed on larger screen devices such as a desktop or laptop computer or by casting to a smart television (or standard HD or 4K television with the assistance of a streaming device). On a phone or tablet, videos are best viewed in landscape mode by turning your device on its side. Videos will rotate to fill the available screen space.

Video resolution, buffering and overall video streaming experience may vary depending on your device, internet connection speed, location and other factors, therefore individual viewing experience cannot be guaranteed.

It is recommended to view our videos in a location with a reliable internet connection. An in-home Wi-Fi or wired internet connection is best. Public Wi-Fi networks, hot spots, cell or mobile data connections are not recommended.

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