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How Do Fouls Work In The Triple Jump?

Did you know that the triple jump as we know it is based on records from the ancient Greek Olympic Games? The triple jump, a track, and field event that consists of three “jumps” called the hop, step, and jump, has been performed by athletes in some form since the ancient Greek days.

The triple jump continues to be an important part of the Olympic Games today. In fact, the triple jump has been included in the modern-day Olympics since their start. Like all sports, the triple jump has rules that must be followed. Triple jump athletes who do not perform their triple jump properly can make a foul.

How Do Fouls Work In The Triple Jump?

In the triple jump, a foul jump means one of the following has occurred:

  • The triple jumper took off past the takeoff board

  • The triple jumper did not use the correct sequence of jumps, (correct footwork)

  • The triple jumper took more than 30 seconds after their name was called to begin their attempt to jump.

  • The triple jumper landed in the sandpit, but on exiting the sandpit and placed a hand outside and behind their landing occurred in the sand pit.

What Happens When A Triple Jumper Has A Fouled Jump?

The head official will, after the jumper has completed his/her jump, call it foul and raise the red flag, versus the white flag if the jump was a fair jump. The head official will call the next three jumpers in this ordered manor:

  • Smith is up.

  • Jones on deck. (Example)

  • And Slick on hold.

Practice Your Triple Jump To Avoid Fouls

Practice your approach to avoid fouling in competition. On the days that you do your triple jump workouts the first part of the workout should be spent doing approach runs. Make sure you do a proper warm-up prior to doing approach runs. Be aware to perform your run-up/approach the same way you do in competitions to develop consistency with your approach.

Michael G. Helps You Train For The Triple Jump

Mike coaches high school, collegiate, open and Masters triple jumpers. His jumpers have won numerous individual titles over a span of thirty-plus years. He has coached over fifty athletes in the jumps and sprints to All-American status throughout his coaching career. Mike was inducted into the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges (NWAACC) Hall of Fame for track and field in 2011. Some of Mike’s former athletes are now successful coaches at the high school and collegiate levels.

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